About Us

Welcome to Simply Spots. My husband Mark and I live full time in our home with our savannahs, and treat them as our children. Our savannahs are never alone as they are in our home, not away at a boarding kennel. We love our savannahs and our savannahs love us. It is a very rewarding relationship. We do not have children, so our savannah babies really are our only babies. They are so dependent on us, looking to us for play and affection, food and water. Our kittens scale our legs up to our laps, so happy to love us and receive our affection in return. They strongly desire to be with us, and that is really why I love making the care of their every need my very full time job.

In 2007 it all began with an adoption program where homes for abandoned, stray or unwanted cats and kittens were personally found by myself.  Homes for over 100 kittens and cats were found. The feeling of joy when the family was united with their perfect kitten was so rewarding. Working as an administrative assistant for a large company,  it was a good paying job, but decided that a job should be something a person loves and strives to do much more every day.  The feeling of happiness when a family fell in love with a kitten that I had helped, was so amazing that I decided to breed cats as a full time job and continue to bring joy and happiness to families everywhere.
Our first purebred cats were bought for breeding in 2008, they were siamese cats. Shortly after this purchase, I discovered the savannah cat. WOW! That was all I had to say. My husband and I took one look at this breed and decided the savannah cat was what we should be focusing on. We decided to  start very small and bring only the very best savannah/serval traits to our breeding program. Long legs, long lean body, and long neck. Large ears and great ocelli were more traits we were looking for in our ideal savannahs.  After about 6 months of extensive research and correspondence with savannah cat breeders across North America, we finally found our male and female and we began the wonderful process of bringing new amazing savannah kittens into the world and

finding only the best homes for them.

Why we love Savannahs
To me, savannahs are like little people. They call me when they are lost in the other room and want reassurance. They are with me while I make dinner. Watching my every move, they get so excited when their food comes out of the fridge. Wow do they ever start talking and begging when they see their food.They make every one of my days bright. They keep me on my toes, I never have a dull moment with my savannahs around. I really love my savannahs. They are very smart animals, they listen when I tell them not to do something, and they give me a shoulder to cry on. Most of all I love the way they make me laugh all the time at the silly little things they do, or the places they try to squeeze into. They will try anything once, even if it is a bad idea. They love to walk across very narrow surfaces way up in the air to show off their agility, and sometimes they end up hanging like a monkey or having to jump down. They can sure get themselves into some pretty ridiculous situations!!

The Simply Spots Cattery
Here our savannahs are treated as members of the family and are never caged.  We like to make sure each cat is healthy and happy. When queens are pregnant, have their babies, and take care of them as they grow, there are lots of hormones flowing. Each of our very special cats have their own bedroom to retreat to at the end of each day. Keeping each queen and her kittens separate from other queens ensures there will not be confrontations, possibly injuring small kittens. Less contact between the cats also ensures healthier happier cats. Eg: If one cat has a cold, this way it does not spread to all the cats and kittens. Our cats and kittens get lots of human interaction and learn from 2 weeks and up to rely on us, instead of other cats for their affection and play.

Each savannah has a turn in the main area of our home to run play and jump. Our savannahs favorite toy is the feather teaser. If left out, they will hunt the feather teaser as if it is alive, stuff it into their mouths, and carefully disappear into a hidden location to eat their prey. Very instinctual! Commonly I will find them up above my kitchen cupboards scoping the place out. Our savannahs are so agile, they have been on every surface of our home, even picture frames and curtain valances!! They love to watch what we do, it seems as if they are playing hide and go seek with us at times. Our savannahs love water and their curiosity does get the better of them. Often while having a bath we will end up having a bath with a cat!!

How to contact us
Our contact info by phone: 1(403) 556 7411 or email:  kittens@simplyspots.com if you have any questions at all.

We are more than happy to help.

We are very dedicated to breeding and producing savannah cats. Some of our top priorities are to make sure each and every one of our kittens is extremely friendly, well socialized, healthy and affectionate. This is such an awesome breed, we want to continue making this breed more magnificent and outstanding each and every day.